The Perfect Autumn Jewellery

When Autumn arrives in the UK (even though its pretty much raining all year round),  it is always really exciting to plan all of those comfy, oversized outfits to wrap up in. Although it's all well and good having a perfectly put-together outfit ready to slip on, it is equally as important to have the right accessories that can complete your look. I'm partial to a beautiful pair of earrings in Autumn; as I normally wear my hair in braids, have my ears on show and therefore need a little earlobe-bedazzlement.

It's safe to say I am obsessed with unique earrings at the moment. I love shopping around quirky places to snap up the perfect pair and I think Libby May is an excellent place to do just that! My pair of Libby May Triple Star earrings are the perfect go-to accessory because of their very dainty appearance and unique shape. I find it looks really beautiful to have your hair up and away from your ears so that these earrings can really bring attention to themselves. They a…

Learning from the Best: Coco Chanel

Nobody is a stranger to the iconic interlocking C's that represent the creativity and innovation of Chanel, nor is anyone a stranger to that beautiful criss-cross stitch-work that creates the iconic quilted handbag. Coco Chanel's legacy has well and truly lingered within the sphere of fashion and there is no chance that it will evaporate into nothingness any time soon. Chanel's spirit will continue to represent the world of style for an eternity.
Can you tell I'm obsessed with Chanel yet...?
To call Chanel a brand does not embody the symbolic values that Coco (Gabrielle) Chanel worked so hard to establish. Chanel is not just simply a brand, it is a representation of the innovation of women's fashion and the headstrong mind frame that Gabrielle Chanel herself used when trying to implant her mark within her society.
There's more where that came from.
It isn't uncommon to see famous Chanel quotes plastered all over the internet, either from an individual who is tr…

Ellie Goulding's Shoe Collection : Is it worth all the fuss?

It's extremely clear that Ellie Goulding is a woman of MANY talents. I cannot tell begin to explain to you how many hours I've spend blaring her songs out of my speakers or my headphones (sorry to my fellow commuters who have been subject to this on the tube) or how many times I've cried when I've watched her sing either in real life or on the TV screen. She's magical in both forms.
Ellie Goulding's latest venture has been in the footwear industry, where she has bought out her own 'Star Collection' in Deichmann. I had never heard of this shoe brand before (sorry, Deichmann...) but when I took a sneak peek into Ellie's collection, I cannot say I was at all disappointed.
In fact, it was the opposite.
Instead of waffling on (I waffle on about Ellie Goulding so much you could put syrup on it....ok sorry that was bad), I am going to cut to the chase and give you the juice.
Is the Ellie Goulding footwear collection worth all the fuss?
I was lucky enough…

Is Fashion my Forte?

Due to the title of my blog (shoutout to my trusty thesaurus for suggesting the word 'forte'... so chic), I am immediately branding myself as some sort of style guru or fashion expert. But is fashion actually my forte? 
The point I'm trying to make (rather cryptically may I add) is that fashion is completely subjective and different people have different ideas of what 'good taste' is. 
Let me contextualise.
I will wake up at 6.20 in the morning for sixth form and I will choose from my wardrobe (or maybe my sisters...even my mum's...?!?) an outfit that I want to wear and something I feel comfortable in. I may even accessorise if I'm feeling adventurous. I will nod at my reflection in the mirror, somewhat content with my chosen outfit for the day and get into my car to make my daily commute into school. (In the process I will change from my heeled boots into my UGGs so my driving doesn't bare any threats to my fellow drivers on the roads (ST… Product Review

Image is an online retailer selling a range of products from different categories including Fashion&Clothing, Health&Beauty and Computers&Tablets. They pride themselves on their low prices and good quality items.
I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to choose three items from their website to receive and review. I chose the 7pcs Make-up brush kit, the Womens Bandage Bodycon Dress and the Boho Maxi Skirt.

The package arrived in perfect condition, but I must say it did take a long while to be shipped and delivered. However, when I finally received the package I was extremely excited to open it, and I wasn't disappointed.

7pcs Make-up Brush Kit

I chose this set of brushes because I really liked the rose gold metal - who doesn't LOVE rose gold? The bristles are extremely soft and do not irritate my face when I am applying my foundation, which has seemed to happen with many brushes I have used. I particularly liked the second smallest brush (second from t…

Newest Makeup Purchases

I am absolutely loving changing up my makeup looks recently. I have become a lot more  confident at applying my make up and it's something I have always wanted to improve and feel good about.
It's all well and good getting the techniques down to a T, however, having the right products is also absolutely essential! I took to Boots and Superdrug to get my hands on some good quality, yet affordable beauty bits.

My favourite brand at the moment is Makeup Revolution. I think their products are of a great quality and are extremely affordable. Limiting myself to 2 palettes was really difficult due to the vast amount of wonderful choice..maybe I will just have to go back and get some more!
Here's what I bought:
Makeup Revolution Day to Night Palette

Makeup Revolution Eye Shadow Palette Flawless

Freedom Makeup London Pro Vamp Noir Lipstick

Both of these looks were created using my new Revolution Makeup:

Styling a Scarf from The LifeStyle Blogger UK

The Lifestyle Blogger UK  is an independently run blog, online store and blogging consultant. Blog posts range from topics such as travel and beauty, which are all very interesting reads.

I was fortunate enough to be sent a beautiful scarf (of my choice) from The Lifestyle Blogger UK. It arrived in perfect condition with a handwritten address, which I thought was extremely personal and sweet.

The scarf is so soft to the touch and the floral design is perfect for the upcoming spring months. There are multiple ways that this type of scarf can be worn and I have been experimenting with it as soon as I received it.

Check out my youtube video on how to create these styles:

Here are the different ways I style my new, floral scarf: